IGN’s resident loudmouth editor, Greg Miller, pokes fun at Resident Evil 6’s logo and scores an exclusive chat with Modern Warfare 3’s creator. You can watch second episode of Up At Noon here: www.youtube.com In our premiere episode, Greg jokes about the PlayStation Vita’s sales numbers; Zynga’s new gambling game, Casinoville; and some noteworthy Oscar snubs. Up At Noon correspondent Brian Altano also presents some new Resident Evil 6 logos that hope to dispel the “giraffe sex” controversy. And, Greg interviews Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Glen Schofield about the upcoming DLC. Watch the first action-packed episode then leave us a comment below and tell us which part of the episode you liked the most! We have more original programming on the way, so subscribe and never miss an episode: www.youtube.com For the latest gaming news, reviews, and trailers, subscribe to IGN’s channel: www.youtube.com Here’s our full schedule: Up At Noon – Mondays @ 12pm The Next Game Boss – Tuesday @ 12pm Cheap Cool Crazy – Thursday @ 12pm Mix’d Reviews – Friday @ 12pm We’re giving away prizes to our subscribers! Subscribe, help us reach these amount of subscribers and you could win: 30000 — iPod Touch (8 GB) – Achieved! 40000 — PS3 (160 GB) – Achieved! 50000 — iPad 2 (16 GB, Wifi) For more information, click here for the rules: media.ign.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Full speech: board.freedomainradio.com Evil is costly — the initiation of force is expensive and risky. Violence makes enemies, starts turf wars, sickens the soul, kills love, ends lives… What stops the growth of evil? The same thing that stops the growth of any sickness — pain, treatment and cure. Evil is very, very expensive. War — the greatest evil — is staggeringly expensive. The Pentagon loses literally billions of dollars under its couches every single year. It uses a million bullets in to put just one bullet into another human being. War shreds economies, minds, hearts, relationships, health, wealth, freedom — war destroys civilizations. What stops war? The same thing that stops any gambling addict — running out of money. War is stopped only by poverty. When you cannot pay the soldiers, well – blessed become the peacemakers. War is limited by economics, by costs, by the hard wall of hard currency. Unless — unless war is – not free, but profitable… This is where the Federal Reserve comes in. Who pays for war? A defensive war, unprovoked and unavoidable, sure, we would all chip in for that. But a lying swaggering endless missile-hurling overseas mass murder? To cover current government spending, taxes would have to be raised almost 60%. We have wars and bailouts and untold bribery and tax cuts — paid for by what? Who lends to a country hell bent on Empire? No one, because war and empire drain the treasury – look at England after the 2nd world war — ran

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