With www.BookMaker.eu – Bet Points loyalty program players will earn points that can be redeemed for some awesome merchandise, tournament entries or cold hard cash. These bet points are awarded to players automatically when they play at Bookmaker sportsbook, tournaments, sit–n-go’s and Casino blackjack.

No 1 Horse Racing Software Fully Automated Website www.no1horseracingsoftware.com Email [email protected] Combining all 5 separate trading agencies NSW, UNI, SUPER,NZ, BETFAIR, BOOKMAKERS. See every single financial transaction with unusual activity (trademarked) worldwide similtaniously as it’s happening on one easy to read screen, Fully controlled by the logic systems with absolutely no human emotion. All criteria automatically filtered. Unique money management systems with built in adjustable “target” and “trailing stop loss” system which is based on a sharemarker principle to cut maximise your days trading and automatically turn off leaving you with a profit no matter what. Accounting package constantly updating results and profit automatically so you can see exactly where you are live. Unique combination of past present and future information all interwoven together on the one screen all at your fingertips as it’s happening in real time. 100 % Stand-alone system completely separate with independent commercial licences unable to be shut off. No1 Horse Racing Software uses the fastest and only commercially 5 data feed available as the foundation on which its technology is built. The platform consists of hardware and software that receives and uses a time proven method of high-speed data delivery, which is Internet based, and is not available to the general public
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