Question by MenaceD: What are my options regarding online gambling?
Help, I understand that the law that stops american banking and credit card institutions from sending money to off shore online gambling companies will be signed this weekend.. I have emptied my accounts to avoid any trouble getting it out later if there is any trouble .. But I also wanted to get the facts straight about this law and see if there are any options to get my football gambling back in action.

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Answer by ZCT
The new law does not outlaw gambling. You are quite safe. All it does is place restrictions on companies, and erode your rights as an American. You can thank Bill Frist for this.

To transfer money in and out of gambling sites use Neteller and sites that accept Neteller as a payment option. Neteller is great, and very trustworthy. Personally, I would trust them almost as much as my online checking account with Bank of America.

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