Question by : What are some good Australian betting places?
I want to bet on the English football season coming up. Anyone know where i can get the best odds? Also how does betting online work?

Best answer:

When you open an account online you deposit money to the site using a debit/credit card (or bank transfer etc), you keep this money in your “wallet” on the site and then use this money to bet with, if you win a bet then the money is put in your wallet, if you lose a bet then the bookmaker keeps your cash, at any point you can cash out and take the money from the website and put it back on your debit/credit card.

You can compare the odds of about 70 bookmakers here.

That way you can compare the odds of most bookmakers and then take the best odds for each match. If you do this however you may need to sign up to 20+ bookmakers, and it might suck the fun out of gambling for you.

If you only want to sign up to one bookmaker and intend on betting on lots of matches on the basic markets, such as 1X2 and over/under then go for Pinnacle Sports, they have the lowest profit margins and therefore give good odds, however to make their bookmaking as low cost as possible they have cut corners on site design and layout (you can’t search) and market range, you can’t bet on that many things, you will only be able to withdraw once a month for free and you won’t receive a bonus. If you are a serious gambler hoping to make a profit then pinnacle sports is a must have account.

If you want to bet on many different markets, such as over/under, Asian and Euro handicaps, correct score, red cards etc, sign up to a more traditional bookmaker, I would go for Paddypower or Stanjames, these are good bookmakers with fast unlimited payouts and a fair and decent bonus structure, don’t expect to find the best odds here, as the payouts and bonus payments are funded by the slightly higher profit margins for the bookmaker. All in all if you are a leisure gambler you can expect to have more fun with this type of bookmaker.

Sports Gambling is wasteful and addictive, you will almost certainly lose long term and the money you spend ultimately ends up in the hands of the bookmaker or people such as myself who know what they are doing.

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