Question by afterburner: What are some good betting strategies to win money on sports betting? ?
Is there a specific strategy that you can use to make money? I like betting on football and the players props, or statistics. I noticed that if you bet over on the completions on a team that passes a lot than I ussually win. Does anyone have a favorite betting strategy?

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Answer by Potsie
I’ve answered your other two questions so I won’t repeat any of that info, but at you will find a link to the strategy that I personally use to profit with sports betting. It is a system that can work whether your bankroll is 0,00 or ! There is nothing to purchase, it’s all free information to help you win! Props are usually just for fun, but there are some particular ones that you can exploit. One of my faves has always been “Last play of the game a QB rush” I take that on the YES as a kneel down is considered a rush and I hit more often than not as I take it on blowout type games. Good luck!

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