Question by : What are the pros and cons of gambling on society?
Also, I have heard that gambling can cause a higher crime rate, is this true? If so, why?

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Answer by pdqkemp
Atlantic City was once a beautiful city. The casinos came in, and the surrounding area became a hole. It’s definitely true.

The “pros” they say are that it increases jobs and gives money to the state. But where is this money coming from?!? From the poor slobs in the state that can’t afford the rent!

The “cons”: Higher crime from gamble-a-holics, higher drug traffic, beautiful neighborhoods going to heck.

As to the “why” this causes higher crime: Being a gamble-a-holic is a lot like being an alcoholic. You get so caught up in needing that next high (in this case, the high comes from the drug-like feeling of winning) you will do anything to be able to get yourself “back in the action”. First, you’ll drain your bank account dry. Then you’ll max out your credit cards. Then you will take from family, friend, and eventually from the local liquor store with a sawed off shot-gun!

Now only about 1% of the population ever gets addicted to gambling, however, that means for every 100,000 people that might be living in the area, 1,000 of them could be addicted! If even only 10% of those reaches the desperate stage of resorting to crime to feed their addiction, that’s 100 whackos shooting up the neighborhood!

I believe that when states make the decision to allow gambling, the do so on the backs of those cities and towns that house the casinos, and the people that live nearby.

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