Question by Blessed: What are the pros and cons of gambling revenues?
I have a presentation to do and I am having a hard time finding journals that have pros and cons on gambling revenues.

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Answer by Dwstin
Is this in relation the revenues that would be generated with the proposed internet gaming regulation in the USA? (I am going to answer as if that were the subject… The answers should be general enough to apply to ur non-specific query.)
If so the pros go something like this: *Money in the coffers during desperate economic times, *US based jobs created from an industry that currently serves US clients, but legally cannot operate with in our borders. and *Safe gambling conditions for US clients (ie age restriction enforcement, id theft prevention, problem gambler blocks, and rogue casino prevention) that at the moment are subject to whatever casino they stumble across on the internet…
The cons would include: *An potential increase in problem gamblers, and a move towards a pervasive ‘gambling culture’ in the US… *Also, a potential decrease in the tourism industry of Nevada, and local Reservation Gaming.

I would disagree with the people who object to such legislation and the revenues that follow. MY reason is, most people who want to gamble on the internet are already doing so. Obviously the marketing to acquire new clients would start targeting the US markets, which might increase the numbers of internet punters, but I think those problems would be overshadowed by the desperately needed money resulting from the taxation of the casinos revenues, the taxation of the large progressive jackpots won by the gamblers, and the creation of US based jobs in a domestic economy pushing 10 percent unemployment…

check the sites below as they tend to focus on the gaming industry and there is plenty of off mainstream postings and articles. Also, study the EU regulations that have been in place for roughly 5 years as they have dealt with many of the ups and downs of gaming regulation and it revenues…

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