Question by Dance: What can I invest in with 60 bucks instead of investing it in gambling or savings account, savings bond, etc?
I don’t go horse gambling every month but when I go lately I been spending around 5 bucks with the superfecta. It adds up going to horse gambling. I would say when I was going pretty often I spent about 60 bucks a year. I’ve been to the casino and I don’t go there every month either. I have once spent about 80 bucks or so at the slot.

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Answer by gene_frequency
Here is an example of how flexible real investing can be.

Spend the – on a bicycle, instead of gambling. Use the bicycle to deliver newspapers on a paper route. The bicycle usage on the paper route will generate income for as long as you live….

Am I saying u should get a paper route? No no no. This is just an example of practical investing.

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