Question by : What company provides service for bookmakers, service like but for the USA sports.?

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Live Betting Site
April 29, 2009 by admin
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Hi all,

I want to create a live betting site so that i need a script and a design for my site. I hope my site will like or

This will how it works:
Note: This is an email that i received from a supporter of He wrote:

Event Creation

In order to setup a sportsbook, you need to know first of all when and where the matches are taking place (fixtures). Therefore we are providing our service that is called Event Creation. Here we are collecting the kick-off times for about 20 different sports around the world and we will always make sure that we are aware of any changes happening, so that our customers will always have the right information displayed in their sportsbook. We provide this data either via our interface (menu Event Creation & Odds Suggestion) or via data-feed (XML feed) for direct integration in the betting software of our customers.

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