Question by afterburner: What is the best online sports betting website? ?
I’m looking for a website that gives you alot of things to bet on. Like betting on specific players and the odds on different things. Bodoglife seems to be the best one that I’ve seen. Is there any others that you would recomend?

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Answer by Potsie
You’ll be so glad that you asked this question seeing that you are leaning towards Bodoglife aka Bodog. There are many of their clients that have been waiting since April for a payout request. In addition to the payout difficulties they also offer poor lines that are extremely late. You will much better served by using a reputable sportsbook such as those recommended by Check out the independent reviews and select the site that suits your betting style and your personality. All of the sites offer great customer care, security, and offer fast and free payouts! My top pick is They offer the earliest lines, have the most stringent privacy policies concerning your information, and a great track record concerning payout times. You’ll be blown away at the number of offerings you will have to choose from.

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