Question by Derek: What is the difference between these two bets?
I’ve researched handicap betting for a while and I’ve come across this bet, you can either bet on:

Argentina (+7.5)
France (-7.5)

It’s a game between Argentina and France (Argentina being the major underdogs explaining the handicap) but what is the difference between the two?

Here’s a link to the bet:


Best answer:

Answer by the kid
The difference is if you bet on France, they must WIN by MORE than 7.5 points. If you bet on Argentina, they can lose, but must lose by NO MORE than 7.5 points.

So if you bet France, and they win by 7 or less, you lose the bet. If they win by 8 or more, you win.

If you bet Argentina, and they lose by 8 or more, you lose. If the lose by 7 or less (or win), you win.

France MUST win if you bet on them. Argentina can lose and you can still win.

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