Question by : What is the main difference between investing in stock market and gambling?
Lets say you buy some stocks and after a month or so your money gets doubled. Would you not morally feel bad about the money that you got from stock market without doing a thing? Would you feel it is similar to gambling? Can one say that just because there is some science behind stock market the money that some gets out of stock market is more legit?

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Answer by d_tushar
It can be compared with killing by a Soldier and a criminal.

A soldier is doing it with a positive and noble cause. While a criminal is doing it with some negative and evil thoughts.

Stock market provides you a fair and legal opportunity which also has a social support. No body can blame a stock market investor. While no body will appraise the gambler.

If you check it with probability principles, then also you will find better opportunity of earning in stock market investments as compare to gambling. here, pl check the figures of winning on a slot machine or a roulette wheel machine and you will get your answer.

“For a machine that uses the value of 32 to process RNG generated sequences (see section titled “How They Work”) the chance that the jackpot image will land on one reel is 1 in 32. For all three jackpot images to line up on all three reels (with all three reels set up in the same manner), the odds of that happening would be 32x32x32 = 1 in 32,768.”

Gambling and lottery are the tools which attract a person to become reach in no time and with no efforts where as I believe that investment in stock market requires either investor’s self knowledge or a proper professional guidance..

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