Question by eaglesfan99: What is the point of betting on fixed-odds games?
If the entire point of betting is to create your own odds, then why would you bet on football when the odds are 50:50, it takes absolutely no skill.

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Answer by DivideByZero
The odds are only 50/50 if the lines are set perfectly. This is seldom the case. The lines aren’t purely based on what the oddsmakers think, they’re partly based on public perception and where the money is going. So if you know more than the general public, it’s possible to find a few bets each week where you’d have a slight edge over the vigorish.

It definitely requires skill, it’s very hard to profit from sportsbetting in the long term. There are some people who can do it, in fact there are professional sportsbettors. Just not many…for the majority of people the outcome of a bet is indeed mostly determined by chance. For the winners an individual game is still mainly chance (the edge is small for each bet); the skill factor doesn’t become evident until the long term.

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