Question by Angelique R: What is the single human record of money loss in gambling?
Ive got a speech tuornament coming up and i chose the issue on gambling.
It is an interesting subject and I find cautiousness very unused during gambling time in casinoes.

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Answer by ZCT
I hope you elect to spell check your speech prior to giving it.

I doubt that there is an official record for human gambling. First off, all gambling is human, that’s just a given. And secondly people who lose a bunch of money gambling tend not to publish the information.

Also, you’d have to specify a time line. Are you talking about a life time of degenerate gambling? Or are you talking about a single session?

Ultimately, if you are arguing against gambling you are on the losing side. Gambling is a matter of freedom, and it is not for the government to pass laws banning adults from participating in gambling. If it were, there would be laws preventing people from buying stocks, and the lottery would not exist in 48/50 states.

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