Question by mmcwherter: What should tennis do about gambling? I say that they hire fake gamblers to find the rotten atp players?
Tennis has had a problem with gambling it would appear. It is the number 3 most gambled on sport in Europe. Should tennis hire fake gamblers to approach players about gambling and keep conversations on a wire? Also, could they require players to report all transgressions. I think this system would keep the sport honest. Thoughts?

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Answer by yaelski
That manner would be crude, but it may help them identify which players are involved in rigging their own games. In the recent issue, it also helped that the betting stations were on their toes and discovered quickly that there was something wrong. With this i’d recommend a close cooperation between the governing bodies (ITF, ATP, WTA, etc.) and bet takers. If it is not yet considered a crime, then it should be treated as one and make players who are guilty of cheating be liable for a civil and criminal case.

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