Question by : When does the sports betting professor send emails with picks?
I just bought the sports betting professor system for . I figure that its and I paid with paypal so if its some kinda scam I should be able to get it back. So anyways when do the emails come with the picks for the day? Only answer if you have bought the same thing and you know what I’m talking about.

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Answer by pdq
There’s 5 bucks torched. Good Lord.

And just what are you going to do with these worthless picks? Don’t tell me that you’re actually planning on betting with the crap advice you’re about to receive?!?

Good Lord.

Only 1% of people who bet on sports do so profitably. I guarantee NONE of these people use this.

You are never going to be part of this 1%. Accept this fact, or go broke trying to prove me wrong.

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