Question by aminutewithjen: Where can I go to place bets on fighters or boxers and get the most payout?
Is there a good website I can go to? I’ve tried but it doesn’t seem like they offer a good payout.

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Answer by Richard
Unless you go for the person unlikely to win then they payout offered generally is not good in boxing. Too many fights are pretty much decided before the fight takes place. For example if you want to bet on Pacquaio to win this weekend you will probably get back for ever to you place. Should you bet on Mosley though there is very little chance of him winning and the odds will reflect that. You could get for instance to for every you place.

Bookmakers are not in the business of trying to give away money so you will find similar odds offered on most sites.

My answer is to shop around, there is no website that will guarantee you better odds otherwise everyone would be using it.

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