Question by madisontaylor: Where in the bible does it say gambling is a sin?
I was wondering becasue our family puts in five dollars each week for lottery tickets.
And people say that gambling is a sin.. but its not like IF we ever won, it would change us. Becasue with or without the money we are still family and money wont ever get in our way. But if we did ever win a huge amount of money, is that bad? As long as you use it for good and not bad. And besides all the money you spend on the tickets is going to education anyway. And thats good.
Does anyone have an answer.. I need you opinion?

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Answer by mou
Money becomes your god instead of God being your God. If you believe in God, you trust that He will provide. But if you have limited trust in God, then you do it your way by gambling. Sin simply means turning your back against God and doing things your own way and having your own reasons for it. No doubt, with money, you will live a more comfortable life. But God does say that He will never leave you. I suppose you have to pray about this matter and let God talk to you.

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