Question by phantomrider45: Why are people so naive to believe the government is incapable of gambling corruption?
In response to water skipper…anyone who controls anything is capable of abuse. Gambling was prohibited by the government because of problems both socially and individually, now it endorses, sponsors and oversees this practice as a way to enrich their coffers. It is a sorry commentary that they are willing to sacrifice those individuals who can least afford the risk on an implausible chance just to misappropriate more money. As for not playing, I don’t, but have seen it destroy individuals and families. You may call it recreational…I call it irresponsible. Good luck on your education.

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Answer by Country Boy
I think that people in general are naive when it comes to governmental matters. The government is not incapable of anything. There tends to be a lot of corruption with those whom hold the power. People and companies will find ways to persuade the governmental leaders to overlook things for the almighty dollar.

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