Question by Dan Gates: Why does the USA and France not tap into online gambling revenue resources?
Both of these countries have casinos scattered throughout their countries and online gambling is illegal? It doesnt make sense. If online gambling was regulated it would create jobs and revenue for the state. And dont give me that crap because people would lose all their money because of greed…then why are casinos legal?

I am convinced there is some sort of conspiracy going on between casinos paying off politicians to keep that law in place. Just one more freedom the USA govt has taken away! Getting a little tired of it!

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Answer by justin
Because America is run by fundamentalist Christians that think that little part in the bible where Jesus flips out in the temple is evidence that he is against gambling.

I’m sure Vegas has plenty of lobbyists to keep it illegal too. If people could just gamble from home online why would anybody want to fly out into the middle of a desert?

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