Question by Srb: Why not ICC is reducing some ban on Mohammad Amir?
He is young .. He served his punishment in jail and has served 3 years ban … Is it too much ??

I think Marlon samuels ( west indies Cricket ) did big mistake as compare to amir , Samuels was passing on team information to an alleged bookmaker and he had banned for only 2 years . Samuels was 23 years old when he did mistake and Amir was only 17 .. Sameuls was educated and Amir was not educated .. ( Think about it … and tell me is this too much punishment for just 17 years old talent Mohammad Amir )
We want to see Mohammad Amir back in Action in 2015 worldcup please icc should have to reduce some ban on Amir

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Answer by Rohan Paul
i am not from icc.

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