Question by Ben: Why would Ladbrokes write down my ID?
I was in a Ladbrokes store looking at some betting slips, and a member of staff came over and asked for my ID. When i showed it to them, the staff member started to write some of the information down. Why would they do this?

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Answer by BJB
Maybe they thought you looked like you were under 18? All big bookmakers are VERY hot on keeping under-18s from betting. Some managers are threatened with losing their jobs if they allow one to bet, even if they were unaware of the fact they were under age. Therefore they are very wary of younger looking customers and likely to ask for ID even if they think you’re okay, just to be on the safe side.

Or possibly you bear a resemblance to someone they suspect of scamming or cheating at their stores. Bookmakers share this kind of knowledge.

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