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I know someone who has the opertunity to become a supervior in Coral bookmakers and wondered if anyone had any ideas of what responsibilities might be involved as a superviror?
I mean a supervisor

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The work

Supervisors manage a team of staff and organise their workload. They work in all kinds of businesses and environments, including for example:

* leading a sales team
* managing a team or department in an office or call centre
* leading a section in a factory, restaurant, hotel or shop.

Their duties will depend on the size and type of company that they work for, but may include:

* planning workloads and rosters
* delegating tasks to team members
* dealing with any problems or complaints
* monitoring and reporting on the team’s performance
* coaching and training staff
* carrying out appraisals
* completing relevant paperwork
* keeping up-to-date with health and safety and equal opportunities laws and company procedures.

In some jobs, supervisors also carry out the same work as their team members, whilst in others they are only responsible for management tasks. Some supervisors also have wider management duties such as personnel or dealing with premises.

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