Question by : What should the conditions of my bet be?
I made a bet with a guy friend that I won’t have casual sex with someone before marriage. My definition of casual sex is having sex with someone I am not boyfriend/girlfriend with. What is something we could bet on? The problem is he doesn’t live around here and I don’t see him hardly ever. We just communicate through texting and email. Help!

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Answer by Sean
Well, based on the bet, he wouldn’t have to live near you. That is, of course, unless he would witness the casual sex.

With this bet it would have to be all up to how much each you trusts the other. If you did have casual sex you could easily lie and say you didn’t. Whether he lives in town or not will not change that at all.

What you could bet on? Money, favors, cars, a hive-five, etc. 😉

If it is a serious bet try to decide on something that is important to both of you. Too often I see people say things like “I bet you a dollar . . . ” when “a dollar” doesn’t mean anything to either player.

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