Question by : Do Filipinos gamble as much in the Philippines?
Every since I can remember back in LA, Filipinos were always getting busted for illegal gambling. This was even before so many Filipinos emigrated to the states. More recently before I came to the Philippines, we noticed that Filipinos along with other Asians would come to the casinos in busloads. Not just to the Indian casinos but in Turnaround buses to Laughlin and the Nevada border. Here, I notice that they like the Bingo Parlors.
Is it in their blood or what? I’m surprised they have so much money to gamble away. They cannot all be winners.

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Answer by iampatrick
way back in spanish colonial, filipino love to gamble, even our national hero Jose Rizal win in a lottery, i think filipino likes to exercise their luck but not all filipino loves to gamble, im filipino and i don’t play any casino game

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