Question by Tim B: What is the minimum bet on an NFL pointspread at
I am interested in starting up an account here to start betting on some NFL games to make them a little more interesting. However, I have no intention of making large wagers, what is the minimum bet at this site?


Best answer:

Answer by Potsie is a ripoff in a hundred different ways, but the most important way is the 4 month wait for payouts if you are lucky enough to have them approve your payout. If you are just looking to bet a few dollars and want to use a safe and reliable site that won’t look for an angle to confiscate your funds, but will payout quickly and without any fees then you need to check out betED offers easy credit card processing, eCheck deposits, minimum wagers and fast free payouts. Get a complete review of their site and bonus structure at Free picks, bonus information, betting tips, independent reviews and much more.

What Luis doesn’t know is that (the site that his link directs you to) is ran by SPORTSBOOK.COM!!! Here is what one of their players said last month about their shoddy service…

“Player: I made two deposits on July 6th. They were never credited to my betting account but were deducted from my bank account. I have contacted CS multiple times using both email and phone and have gotten absolutely nowhere. They keep telling me 24-48 hours and they’ll contact me. I never hear from them, then I call and they tell me the same load of crap again. I strongly advise any and everyone to pull their money from these guys. I wish I would have found your site before I made my deposits.”

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