Question by CalFan: How do you place a bet in craps?
I’m going to Las Vegas, and I need to know how to place bets on craps. I know all the rules (I’ve played it on the computer), but I’ve never dared to play in real life because it looks so complex. How do you know whether to place the bet yourself or ask the dealer to place it for you? And when can you reach for your chips if you win, and they just place your chips on a new bet? Is there a general rule to follow? Or do you just place a bet without saying anything and apologize if they yell at you?

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Answer by zman492
potsie is correct that the dealer will be glad to help you if you are not sure.

To be specific, the bets in the middle of the layout (shown in )

are handled by the stickman. You get his attention, tell him what you want, and put the chips down on the table for him to put put on the layout.

The dealer (the person beside the boxman, the only person seated at the table) puts the chips on the layout for place, buy, lay bets, and odds on come or don’t come bets. (On the layout at

that is the area above the “come” area and right of the “don’t come” area.)

All other bets you place directly on the layout yourself.


If you can find a nearly empty craps table (usually not to hard aroung 8:00 to 10:00 a.m.) the dealers will be glad to spend a lot of time helping you out. It does not take long to get the hang of it.

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