While Ganga is busy dancing in the discotheque, Krishna too turns up there for an interview, and Vicky comes to crack a betting business with a famous gambler Karan Thapar and his men. Partho phones Jai and asks him to come to the same discotheque because he wants to buy Ganga’s paintings. Krishna signs a contract asa an air hostess. Vicky lays his stakes for the first time with Rs. 400000/- which Jai had given for his project. Ganga, Krishna and Vicky come face to face in the discotheque and learn about each other’s true colours. The three arrive at a truce and decide to celebrate. Jai comes to the discotheque. Partho tries to take Jai near Ganga but is not successful. Vicky goes to the gambler and demands his money but the latter refuses, so Vicky thrashes him with a beer bottle.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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