WSOP 2012 E17 – Main Event Day 6 World Series of Poker 2012
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Download Page: Twisted Fate narrowly escapes an attempt on his life and tells the story of how he and Graves came to be enemies. The beat is by a talented producer named Artonius Tsetsuna: Lyrics: It’s like this, I used to roll marks with Graves Stacked decks and sleight of hand tricks of the trade Your paycheck was mine when I sat for a game Because I always hit the river with a backpalmed ace You see it’s not really gambling cause I win every time with a sucker to my left and a chump to my right Got a man across the room and he’s feeding me signs To let me know when you’re bluffing with a pair of nines So I can check raise the river leave you high and dry Take the pot like the cops, put your stack on decline And if the shit hits the fan he’s got a gun on his side So if you try to draw on me it’s the end of the line We had a good business, we were making those ends Until we hustled Dr Priggs and he vowed revenge And at about the same time I learned my so-called friend was skimming cash off the top every now and then You see there’s nothing more risky than backstabbing a gypsy Priggs flipped me for the wish of a magical pedigree Left scott free, Graves stayed behind a detainee, His sentence off the books like illiteracy Eventually he broke out like I knew he would But he lost years off his life and it was understood That he would come after me wielding destiny, it pressed on me The man was once my best friend

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