Faust Novoline Freispiel mit Vollbild K

I am having a 2Bil giveaway, 100m to 20 different people. [DISLIKE BOTTED BY FISHY HOST ON HIS LIVESTREAM LOL] In order to enter, you must first: Like this video, comment with your RSN, (post multiple comments to increase your chances if you wish) be subscribed! Within a few days of opening my fc, we have already been through bils upon bils of pots (100b+). Join ‘Smite Yo Bgs’ fc even if you don’t want to gamble for daily drop parties. We are located in World 2, GE Entrance There is a reason why we are still the #1 gambling clan in runescape, seeing as we were the ones who reintroduced gambling back into Runescape. All hosts are extremely friendly and we will be more than welcome to answer any of your questions.

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