Question by HadToAsk: How can I get referrals for my on-line bookmakers?

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Answer by da1prophet
If you have a website, most good sized sportsbooks offer affiliate programs. You sign up, post their links on your site and receive some sort of commission for people that sign up via these links. The commissions are either a % of the player’s inital deposit, a percentage of total losses, or a flat fee. Some books let you choose which method you prefer, others don’t. If you’re not a website and just have a lot of people to refer for one reason or another just contact the individual book. Most will work out some sort of referral deal for you, with the referred player giving your name or user ID and you receiving a commission as described above. If you’re just a basic, average player and have a couple of friends to refer most books also have arrangements for this–typically they’ll give you a % of the initial deposit or a free bet/parlay of some sort…

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