Question by Corey: what are good methods for betting on baseball games?
I have hit a little rough patch and I am wondering if there are some techniques or trends that are more telling than others.

If anyone has a unique way of betting on a game on-line let me know

thank you

or any other tips you have I would glady appreciate.

Best answer:

Answer by Potsie
It’s all about managing your bankroll. You can win %99 of your picks and still lose all of your money if you don’t manage it properly! Check out for free daily MLB picks, betting tips, a ‘Lock of the Day’ message board, and much more. You’ll find free matchup stats that are very helpful. Pay attention to the starter’s record vs. that team and what they’ve done over the last 3-5 starts. There is no substitute for patience and research. Don’t chase your losses by betting twice as much on the next game, you’ll just lose more. Stick with straight wagers and forget about hitting the parlays.

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