Question by survivorfish85: How do I protect my idea for a game used on online bookmaking sites?
I have recently come up with an idea which I believe would be of interest to bookmakers who offer various luck games online.

For example, many bookmakers offer various lottery/keno games, a hi-lo guessing game, perhaps a sport game (ie darts, guess whether the total will be above 60 or similar) etc.

I have thought of a game that to my knowledge no bookmaker has come up with yet, and I believe would be a successful one – but I don’t want to directly tell them the idea in case they steal it and create the game.

What can I do to protect my idea, and what would be the associated costs with such a thing? I am from the UK.

Thank you very much!
I would just like to add that this game is not something completely new – it is just using a modification of a well-known game into a betting variant. For example, darts can be modified into a betting game by predicting the outcome of the 3 darts. It is comparable to that. So I don’t know if this is considered an invention as such.

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Answer by donnie b
You would have to get an international patent since all those guys are out of the U.S. you have to do a ppatent search then apply if the description isnt already out there.

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