Question by Midlife C: Is there any help for gambling addiction that is not a 12 step program?
I need to find some kind of secular help for gambling that does not involve turning my life over to a higher power. I am an atheist and these religious or quasi religious 12 step programs do not work for me.
Some people may not perceive 12-step programs to be religious, but my perception is that they are, and that limits their usefulness to me. I don’t want to get in an argument about whether 12-step programs are religious or not. Let’s just say that whether or not they actually are religious, they feel like they are to me.

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Answer by las_chica2002
hey my brother just joined the military and is in boot camp as I type. He gambled away over 100,000 bucks hurting my family and his girlfriend! I think this military thing is really teaching him to be responsible and my brother knew this was pretty much all he could do to help himself. GOOD LUCK!

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