Question by PpF – Bruins goin’ down!: What do you think of the Penguins being the favorites to win the Stanley Cup!?
The people at Bovada are favoring the Penguins! Do you agree with their picks?

PIT 8/1
NYR 17/2
VAN 9/1
LA 12/1
PHI 12/1

BQ: Are the Flyers rated too high? I think so.

BTW: The Penguins pwn the Flyers. Suck it Philly.

Best answer:

Answer by wizjp
uh…I’m a huge Pen’s fan. YOU must have been watching a different playoff than I did last year…….

If Marc Andre is ready, in a short season with a solid core of sharpshooters and a decent defense, they could certainly win the thing.

Flower is the key.

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