www.arbsafe.com WHO WE ARE ArbSafe is a professional sports arbitrage alert service provider launched in 2007. We offer our members a chance to make profit without risk for free. Just create an account, and you immediately become a FREE MEMBER who can access our sporting arbitrages up to 1.0% in profit for free. HOW SPORTS ARBITRAGE WORKS: A sport arbitrage, or surebet, simply arises from different opinions about the odds of a sporting event by bookmakers. Therefore, you’ll get a guaranteed profit by betting on all possible outcomes in different bookmakers. For example: In a basketball match of NBA, PinnacleSports offered odds of 2.11 on Philadelphia 76ers. Another bookmaker named StanJames offered odds of 2.00 on Los Angeles Lakers. So if we place a £514 bet on Los Angeles Lakers at StanJames, and a £486 bet on Philadelphia 76ers at PinnacleSports. Totally we commit £1000 in bets. In the end, Los Angeles Lakers won, and we got totally £1028 from StanJames. When the amount we committed: £1000, was taken away from the amount we won: £1028, we were left with a profit of £28. If Philadelphia 76ers had won, we would have made a profit of £25.46. That’s the way sport arbitrage works, you’ll always win ! So, no need to wait, just go to ArbSafe.com and create an account, you immediately become a FREE MEMBER who can access our list of sports arbitrages up to 1.0% in profit for free ! EARN MONEY WITH ARBSAFE: You can use your referral link in profile area to invite your friends to
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