Question by phil m: what are other names for maiden, apprentice, etc?
i am running a system and its essential i know the words well…

for example, 1)if the card states that a race is for novices, does it mean its for maidens?

2)if the card states derby “trial” does this mean its same amateur or apprentice jockeys?

3)if the card states “beginners” chase, does it mean its for amaterus/apprentices????

the bottom line qn is, for a race to be considered a)amateur, must it EXPLICITLY state so in the card, meaning there is no substitute for the word amateur, such as “beginners” or novices, trials etc??

pls help me…… i cant seem to find the anmswers online

Best answer:

Answer by bwj1963
derby trial means top fastest horses will come back to run in the derby. it is used alot in quarter horse racing.

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