Question by hammad: What is money line bet and ATS bet in football and basketball?
I want to know what is ATS (Against the Spread) bet and Money line bet in football and basketball betting, briefly explain in layman terms best answer 10 pts 🙂
Explaining via Examples will help in clarification

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Answer by pdq
Tomorrow, the New Orleans Saints are favored to beat the Detroit Lions.

The line is the Saints -10 1/2. That means the Saints are favored by 10 1/2 points. If you place an ATS bet on the Saints, they would have to win by 11 points or more in order for you to win that bet. If the Lions stayed within 10 points or less, (or if they actually won the game), then you’d lose the bet.

Someone else might not want to bet ATS. Maybe they just want to predict that the Saints will WIN the game, regardless of points. This is when the Money Line comes in.

The money line for the Saints is -649. That means if you bet 9, you would win a 0 profit on that game. (So you’d get back 9 total.)

On the flip side of that, you could bet that the Lions would win the game. The money line for the Lions is +470. In this scenario, since the Lions are the underdogs, you only need to bet 0 in order to win a 0 profit. (So you’d get back 0 total.)


OK, that’s your answer, but here is what you really need to know. Only about 1% of all people who bet on sports do so profitably. You are NOT one of these people, nor will you ever be. You literally did not know the first thing about sports betting! (That’s what this Question and Answer is about!) What chance do you really have of being profitable? Answer – none.

If you enjoy sports, then watch sports. If you don’t enjoy sports, this is not going to fix that. It’s not going to make it more enjoyable.

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