Question by : What are teasers in online sports betting?
I see this term used a lot in online sports betting teaser betting. What kind of betting is this?

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Answer by LegFuJohnson
Mostly used in football. Bottom line is you pick multiple games, and get added points added to the teams you pick, but you have to win all the games. Because of the added points, the games look so good, it’s a tease.

For example, you might find the Packers -8 vs the Lions, and the Cowboys -7 vs the Redskins.

Well, you could do a 6 point Teaser on the Packers and Cowboys. Then GB is only -2, and Dallas only -1 (because you are getting 6 points). Looks tempting, doesn’t it?

Depending on the site will depend on the odds you give up on these types of bets. They are sucker plays… but I admit I will do them once in awhile.

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