Question by Alex V: What are the Best Sportsbook betting websites?
I recently turned 18, so i decided to start online sports betting, but there are so many sportsbooks, i don’t know which ones are scams, and which ones are for reals. I don’t want to win money, and not get paid. Does anyone know any reliable online sportsbooks?

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Answer by Potsie
There are a few sites that would meet your criteria, but one is head and shoulders above the rest, Bookmaker offers the earliest lines possible, great deposit methods, the best service, and most importantly the fastest payouts! They offer a free check by mail that takes about a week or and ACH payout method that takes about 4 business days, both are free once per month. For a detailed independent review of this site as well as a few other options, go to
You will find independent reviews of reputable sports betting sites at All of the recommended sites offer great service, security, and most importantly fast FREE payouts. You will also find free daily sports picks, betting tips, and more.

EDIT… is a complete and utter scam. Stay away from them at all costs. Many many players have been duped out of their account balances by their shady tactics, while thousands of others were made to wait over 6 months for payouts. I can’t believe anyone would ever recommend them, unless they never won and didn’t know any better.

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