Question by iloveyou.: Whats the lifetime movie about about the girl who starts gambling?
Its about this girl who gets addicted to gambling from her boyfriend. She starts stealing stuff from her mom and stuff. At the end, her and her boyfriend break up and she goes to this clinic thing. I dont remember her name but her boyfriends name I THINK was Marshall…?
If you can help me that would be great! Thanks!

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Answer by MystMoonstruck
Could it be this one?
Lucky Girl (2001 TV movie)
IMDb review:
Katlin Palmerston (Elisha Cuthbert) is a high school honors student who develops an addiction to gambling. The movie is anything but a case study; it’s almost a worst-case scenario of just how much trouble teenage girls are capable of getting into. This is a high school where everybody is rich, good-looking, and spends all of his/her money on football pools and poker. A classmate’s older brother becomes the protagonist’s partner in crime. All she wants to do is earn money for a post-graduation trip to Europe with her best friend, but what starts with scratch-offs rapidly escalates into football pools, poker, after-hour casinos run by gangsters, drugs, pornography, and burglarizing her own house. … Katlin receives a very light sentence for her transgressions (rehab, return to school and no European trip).
NOTE: There is no one named Marshall, so this probably isn’t it. I’ll keep searching.

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