Question by dunhate235: When do you bet to win the hand immediantly?
I remember when i first started, if i had a decent hand (2pair or better) i would usually pot it. I had no concept about trying to get more money from your oppenent when he was beat and lose less when you were beat.
However, i soon learned of the method of slowplaying and did it quite often. Probaly every single time i had trips or better.
My next phase was to bet when i was trying to protect my hand /w a okay hand. However, i still always slowplayed the big ones.
I went through a couple more phases (most notably that i slowplay 1/10 of my big hands) and now i try to only bet to protect my hand, or if worse hands are going to call me, or if better hands fold.

However, i never bet to make worse hands fold. Is there any situation in which this should be done in a cash game?
danielj.. i never said make a worse hand fold, i said make a worse hand call.

And you didnt answer my main question at all
sabes99: so basically you never want to win immediantly if you have an edge?

Best answer:

Answer by daniel j
you should never bet to make a worse hand fold, nor to make a better hand call, for that matter.
hand protection is a huge aspect of successful no limit play. slow playing, while profitable with “monster” hands, can be really dangerous with vulnerable ones. however, each hand is different from the next, and good analysis of the situation (read) should help you make the right decision. of course the occasional “suck out” is always going to be a factor of the game.

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