Question by Margo Margo: Which website is best for sports betting in USA?
I want to try sports betting. I know that my odds of winning are not high, so I wanted to bet like 20 dollars, just to try. Can someone please tell me which website is good and simple in use for money betting on sports, will take a very low bet like 10 or 20 dollars…..or which websites take any bets…..which are best for betting? Thanks!

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Answer by SportsBettingInsights
I think I just answered, so I’ll just copy and paste my last answer.

There’s plenty of good sports betting websites for low limit players. My first recommendation would be 5 Dimes. By far one of the best sportsbooks out there today, regardless of what you’re looking for. To get a full review of why we like 5 Dimes, check out .

For the professional or higher limit player, I’d recommend BookMaker…although 5 Dimes is still fine as well. For our review of BookMaker, check out . Both are great sites and very easy to use. It shouldn’t take you long to get a good feel for how they work. Good luck with everything and have fun.

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