We discuss about every major feature of the X-System Surebets application which is used to search for surebets from various bookmakers.
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www.sportsarbitrageguide.com The Sports Arbitrage Guide fast track is best accessed through the Sports Arbitrage Guide Fast Track mailing system. Register to receive the fast track emails, and watch the video series in full context on Sports Arbitrage Guide. See this video in its proper context on this page www.sportsarbitrageguide.com Links referred to in the video include: COMPAREBOOKMAKERS.COM: www.comparebookmakers.com EXCEL SPREADSHEET DOWNLOAD: www.sportsarbitrageguide.com ARBITRAGE ALERT SERVICE: www.sportsarbitrageworld.com Video transcript follows: Hello again. Now your money transfer through to Moneybookers probably hasn’t gone through yet so this video is just going to focus on continuing to get everything set up and ready to go. Just like the last video, Click on the link below to Compare Bookmakers.com, and then open all 4 of the bookmakers that you find there in new tabs. Do that right now while I talk, because after the video, you need to go through those bookmakers and find any bonuses that they have, read through their terms and conditions again, make note of any of the relevant conditions, and then register at those bookmakers. If you look below the video again you will also find a link for an excel spreadsheet. This spreadsheet can be used to keep track of all of your bookmaker accounts and your arb trades. I recommend keeping all of your bonus terms and condition notes with these records so that way you can easily see when all of their requirements

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